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World's first "Hire" URL that you can add to your Instagram for brands to safely hire you for marketing campaigns. Create a free account and add your profile URL to your Linktree or bio.

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More than 80% of influencer campaigns result in scams. On HireInfluencer, only verified brands can hire you, providing a secure experience. In the event of fraud, you are eligible for a 100% refund. Our team ensures that Influencers deliver and brands make timely payments.

  • Step - 1: Create an account for free. Add services in just few clicks
  • Step - 2: Add your Hireinfluencer URL in the Insta Bio or Linktree.
  • Step - 3: Add Payout Information to get paid. Get paid in advance before you create content for a brand
Genuine Verified Profiles
24 hour payout
Over $50,000 Donated
Over 2000 Intros made

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